Can Your Organization Recover When A Disaster Strikes?

Would your business be able to continue operations during a crisis situation? Owia Technology provides reliable business continuity planning to ensure sustainable operations in the event of a minor or major disaster. Give us a call at (571) 499-4349 or send us an email at for a proven business continuity plan you can count on.

Business Continuity Planning Services from Owia Technology

Do you have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place? If not, your data is vulnerable to manmade and natural disasters. Owia Technology can develop a business continuity plan to protect your data under any circumstances.

Our business continuity planning services will include the following:

  • Analysis of potential threats.
  • Tasks required to continue operations.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Off-site data backup.
  • Business continuity testing.

Your Systems and Data Are Essential for Day-to-Day Operations

As your business continues to become increasingly reliant on technology, your IT systems and data must be available at all times to continue day-to-day operations. If you don’t have a business continuity plan in place, you’re facing a variety of potential consequences, such as:

  • Inability to recover critical data.
  • Problems communicating with stakeholders.
  • Loss of business opportunities.
  • Reputational damage.

Don’t take risks with your business-critical systems and data. Owia Technology can help you continue business operations in the event of a disaster. We handle all of your business continuity requirements to keep you up and running at all times.