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Have You Been “KRACKed?”  Important–Read On!

KRACK is a bug that can affect any device with Wi-Fi capabilities. However, the news isn’t all bad. There are silver linings that come from any catastrophe.   Cybercriminals are trying to get your devices” hooked on” KRACK (the Key Reinstallation Attack)–It’s a flaw in the WPA2 protocol, the security used on wireless networks. Since […]

The Challenges and Strategies Behind Digital Business Transformation  

Organizations everywhere are looking to technology leaders to deliver a digital strategy that drives business growth.  See how transformative change can help your company succeed both now and in the future.   Organizations of all sizes throughout the world are united in a conversation around a single topic:  digital business transformation.  While it may mean […]

Social Media 101: LinkedIn Replicating Snapchat?

Jazz Up Boring Convention Photos with Snapchat-Style Filters from LinkedIn LinkedIn has long been the bastion of boring, in a way — with professional networking being the main order of business.  Will the new geofilters add a spicy layer to the social media giant? There just may be a better reason to download the LinkedIn […]

Massive Data Breach At Equifax  

Equifax has suffered a major breach of sensitive data since March 2017. Millions of Americans have been affected. The first intrusion was discovered in March, and this agency’s central clearinghouse for sensitive data like driver’s license numbers and social security numbers has been stolen by hackers. It’s just another situation where the cybersecurity alarm bells are ringing […]

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