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Shocking Reality: 95% of ATMs Run Insecure Software

95% of the globally ATMs still run Windows XP! On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will end support for its 12 year-old operating system, Windows XP. After that date, Microsoft will no longer release security patches and bug fixes for systems running Windows XP. If you continue to run Windows XP, your systems will be extremely […]

What Goes Bump In The Night On Your Computer Network?

Protect Your Business, Employees, and Data! Schedule a Complete Cyber-Security Audit Today So how do you maintain the confidentiality of your information? While it’s impossible to be completely safe online, here’s 5 tips to help you mitigate the risk: Use Familiar Websites When it comes to online shopping and online banking, it’s critical to use […]

Did Edward Snowden Accelerate Business IT Encryption In Corporate America?

US Businesses Increase Encryption Efforts As a Result of the NSA’s Spying Program The National Security Agency (NSA) is a U.S. intelligence agency that monitors telephone calling metadata and data communication activity by foreigners communicating with entities in the United States. When Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the NSA, leaked a variety of documents […]

Is Your Business Breaking The Law?

Is Your Business Compliant with the FRCP? You Must Have Data Backup and Email Archiving Solutions in Place. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) are regulations that govern civil procedure within United States federal courts. The Supreme Court can establish or modify the Rules according to recommendations from the Judicial Conference of the United […]