Embrace Innovative Technologies and Techniques to Remotely Collaborate and Free Your Business from the Desk

You hear a lot of chatter about “The Cloud” these days when businesses talk about using information technology. It’s the new big thing for IT, streamlining programs and processes to save space, costs, and time. That’s all well and good, but what does it actually mean for your business?

It’s easy to say that migrating to the cloud will make your business more agile and your staff more productive, but are you prepared to actually make the changes needed to see that happen? It’s more than just plugging in a new device to your computer: it takes innovation, strategy, and flexibility to adapt to new technologies with the right techniques.

Owia Technology goes beyond other IT support companies when it comes to remote collaboration and the cloud. Our team is dedicated not just to providing you with the technology to expand your business, but the training and expertise needed to show you how to best leverage your new IT solutions for maximum productivity and efficiency every day. Want to know more? We’d love to talk about it. Call us at (571) 499-4349 today.

The team of strategic consultants and technical specialists at Owia Technology don’t look at providing cloud services as a piecemeal strategy. We take a holistic approach to the cloud, not just applying the new technology but discussing with you how to use it well. There are important questions to ask, plans to make, and challenges to overcome in order to really take advantage of these innovative technologies. We focus on:

  • Communication:
    Cloud technologies can make your business systems and files accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. That means you’re not necessarily chained to your desk or even your office: take your work with you wherever you go.
    But if you’re going to let your employees collaborate on the go or from home, you need a solid communication strategy for your new environment. When you spread your team out among multiple locations, it’s key to keep that important connection open at all times. We discuss and train for:

    • Your organizational work flow
    • Clearly established hierarchies, so everyone knows who to report to
    • How to keep tasks flowing properly among your staff
    • Maintaining regular communication among your team members
    • Using the right methods of communication at the right times
  • Tools:
    Remote collaboration demands the right set of tools to be done effectively. This isn’t just about a cloud platform to access and share your applications and documents: you need a firmly established set of rules for using your tools the right way. Owia Technology ensures you’re prepared with:

    • A set of standards and procedures for everyone on your team
    • Guidelines for posting, uploading, downloading, and editing documents
    • Training for applications and mobile devices
  • Culture:
    When you make the strategic decision to use the cloud for remote collaboration and workplace flexibility, you’re changing the culture of your business. You will need to adjust the standard manager-employee relationship and be prepared to maintain control of your business when your team members aren’t in the same building. That’s why we talk about and prepare for:

    • Understanding the role of a remote collaboration manager
    • Expectations for employees and managers every day
    • How to maintain control while enjoying the freedom of workplace flexibility
    • Assigning clear and meaningful tasks each day to maintain productivity
    • Taking a strategic approach to your daily workflow

When you’re considering moving to a remote collaboration model with cloud technologies, Owia Technology is there to make sure it works right. We come in, discuss your expectations, look at your work flow, and help you make the right decisions about how to proceed. You get access to our years of expertise and innovative strategies for managing not only your new technology, but also the dynamic shift for you and your employees. We’ll stay by your side every step of the way to ensure your business can leap ahead of your competition and grab onto the future with both hands.

To learn more about our Remote Collaboration strategies and Cloud Services, or the other IT Services and Solutions we offer, contact us today at (571) 499-4349 or info@owiatech.com.