A Government Contracting Company Relies On Owia Technology.

Avid Technology Professionals (ATP) is a successful and growing cadre of exceptional IT professionals (45 in all) that provides systems, software and network solutions to the FBI, Department of the Navy, Department of the Treasury, and other federal and state government agencies in three states.

Although they have an expertise in systems and software engineering, they have relied on the services from Owia Technology for the past nine years to ensure the technology in their office in Maryland runs at peak performance.

Avid Technologies Needed Assistance Moving From a Home-Based to Commercial Office.

Troy Bundy runs the ATP office in Columbia, Maryland.  He has relied on Darryl Anderson, CEO of Owia Technology, and his team to support his office since 2005, and to handle their three moves during this time.

Troy explains:

“Darryl and the team at Owia moved us from a home-based system to the corporate office in Columbia.  There were a lot of details to cover, however they came up with effective plans, moving us quickly and efficiently so we were up and running in no time.  The move came off very well.  Owia aggressively and proactively provided for our all needs, while moving us and improving our IT system all at the same time.  They installed a new Microsoft 2012 Server, a private cloud, hyper-v virtual machines, SAN technology, and off-site replication. After the move, they performed a thorough assessment to determine any equipment/server shortages. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to immediately launch into a revamp of servers and virtual machines, which provided a better configuration for our resources.  Plus they ensured performance so multiple people can use the system and software apps we need to move our business forward.”

Owia Technology Provides What ATP Needs When They Need It, Including Ongoing IT Security.

ATP has gone through many changes over the past nine years, and Darryl and the team at Owia have been at the center, handling their IT requirements the entire time.  They rely on Owia to advise them on, develop and implement:

  • System design
  • Servers, software and hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Software licensing
  • Security

As a government contractor, ATP is very security conscious.  They act as an extension of the government agencies they work for, so security is a main priority.  Owia supports these efforts and ensures ATP’s IT infrastructure is reliable, redundant and completely secure.

Troy went on to say:

“Darryl and the team at Owia are versed in all levels of security—network security, software security, preventing unauthorized access, system reliability, business continuity, redundancy and more.  They have a good knowledge and experience with a lot of different platforms, and they always steer us towards the right solution.   They are solutions driven, whether it’s in regards to security, or other IT needs.”

ATP and Troy, more than some other of Owia Technology’s clients, know that technology changes more quickly than any other industry. Troy knows that it’s a challenge to keep on top of new offerings, as he does this himself.

“I challenge them more than their other customers because of my knowledge of IT.  They always impress me. Darryl is acutely aware of advanced technologies and is always ‘ahead of the wave.’  He knows what’s to come, and what’s of value.  This can be tough to do in the fast-changing technology environment.  But Darryl and Owia do this well.”

Owia Technology Is ATP’s Outsourced CTO.

Owia continues to provide ATP ongoing IT services and support, and acts as their Outsourced Chief Technology Officer.  When it comes to relating to the staff and communicating with them, Troy says that Darryl and his team are the best.

“Darryl and the team at Owia are masters of their trade, connect well with the staff, and have an easy-going personality which is very important when dealing with the staff in a small business like ours.  I would highly recommend Owia Technology and Darryl to other businesses in the National Capital Area.  You can count on them to provide whatever you need, whenever you need it.”

For more information about Owia Technology and how we can serve your business or organization in the DC Area, call (571) 499-4349 or email us at: info@owiatech.com   We’ll be happy to provide you a complimentary consult and IT Assessment.