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New advances in technology mean that you don’t have to keep your nonprofit confined to a single office anymore. Cloud technology can let you base all of your IT systems and files in a remote server that you can access from the Internet, anywhere, at any time. Go where you need, when you need, bringing your laptop and other mobile devices with you to stay connected and take advantage of your streamlined systems to stay effective and productive every day.

But it’s easy to say that modern technology can do all this for you. Are you prepared to actually change the way you work to take advantage of these new possibilities? The experts at Owia Technology are focused on more than just the technology of the cloud – we deliver a holistic approach, devising and training for reliable and simple techniques to shift your practices for the unique conditions that remote collaboration requires. At the Private Partnership Conference, we’ll be speaking about:


If you’re going to let your employees remotely collaborate on the go or from home, you need a solid communication strategy for your new environment. When you spread your team out among multiple locations, it’s key to keep that important connection open at all times, and use the right methods of communication at the right times.

Remote collaboration demands the right set of tools to be done effectively. This isn’t just about a cloud platform to access and share your applications and documents: you need a firmly established set of rules for using your tools the right way.

When you make the strategic decision to use the cloud for remote collaboration and workplace flexibility, you’re changing the culture of your business. You will need to adjust the standard manager-employee relationship and be prepared to maintain control of your business when your team members aren’t in the same building.

Turn to Owia Technology to learn about how your nonprofit organization can not only take advantage of these exciting new technologies, but also leverage our expertise and innovation in order to learn how to use them to their fullest. Contact us at 202-969-4657 or to learn more about our cloud-based remote collaboration techniques.