Capable, Confident and Calm.

Capable, Confident and Calm.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is a bipartisan non-profit organization that educates the public about fiscal policy impacts.  We are a busy office with 30 employees, some of whom work remotely and others on a part-time basis. We needed a more flexible computing environment and a network that would optimize productivity, security and communications. Having worked with Darryl’s team in a previous position, I didn’t hesitate to call Owia Technology.

 We’ve been through two migrations with Darryl: once to virtual desktops and most recently to the cloud.  Our staff moves around a lot.  This way they always have access to resources and data when working from home or in other offices.  Not only has this made our work lives easier, it saves us time and increases our productivity.  Multiple staff members can share a device when required and still access the documents and information they need for their specific jobs. This flexibility has helped enormously.

Other than their expertise and reliability, one of the things I like about the team from Owia is their calm demeanor.  If a staff member has an IT issue, Owia can address it in a capable, calm, confident manner, and explain it in plain language.  Instead of panicking when something goes wrong, the staff now remains calm, thanks to Owia 

Owia goes above and beyond the call of duty.  They work weekends, evenings, and once when Daryl from Owia was on vacation in Europe, he even helped us remotely with an issue. I would recommend Owia to any organization here in the DC Area.”


Simone Frank
Senior Advisor
The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget