Top 5 Security Tips You Should Follow To Ensure YOUR Business Doesn’t Fall Victim to Today’s Latest Cyber Threat – “Crypto” Ransomware!

Did you know that in 2014, more than 74 million citizen records were lost or breached under the care of local state government agencies?  Don’t let your business become another statistic.  Trust Owia Technology to meet your IT needs, as we specialize in data protection to protect your business from internal and external cyber threats. What is Ransomware you ask? Let us bring you up to speed.

Ransomware in its simplicity is extortion via software.  It restricts access to an infected computer system by use of encryption and demands a ransom payment to have access returned.  Ransomware has been a thorn in the technology industry since the birth of the AIDS Trojan in 1989, which hid folders, encrypted file names, and even said a software license has expired, resulting in a ransom payment of $189 to “renew” the license and unlock the infected computer system.

What happens to an infected system? Once a computer system is infected, the only hope to gain access to your important files is to restore from a clean backup or pay the ransom. Which we firmly believe that paying this ransom, in our eyes is a bad idea, as it encourages the further activity of these cyber criminals.

In knowing that, what can you do to avoid this disastrous ransomware that could cost your business thousands of dollars or more? Owia Technology has the answers. Our IT experts have the top 5 crucial steps for you to follow to avoid this data-stealing virus that can easily cause over $10,000 in damages to your business. These five steps are critical to ensuring the proper protection of your valuable data:

The Top 5 Crucial Steps to Avoid a Crypto Crisis!

  1. Educate your team – keep your team constantly trained on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to safely using the computer.
  2. Patch, patch, patch! – Ensure the latest security updates and patches are always installed as soon as they are available for download on all your devices.
  3. Filter spam and malicious email – Mitigate the amount of spam and phishing emails that enter your company’s server with a robust spam filtering system.
  4. Filter outbound traffic – Keep the hackers out of your systems by setting up the appropriate security policies to filter incoming and outgoing traffic.
  5. A Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy – A well-structured backup and disaster recovery plan will enable you to avoid significant business interruption and recover quickly and efficiently from any unforeseen emergency or disaster.

Let’s take a moment though to focus on that last and most important step to remember – A Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy will maintain the highest level of security protection for your valuable business data while ensuring to minimize downtime and the associated costs as a result of it. That is why Owia Technology has the perfect solution to match your security needs, and we are proud to introduce:

Owia Technology’s Introduces Its Total Data Protection Platform – Combining Our Expertise With the Power of Datto to Deliver the Ultimate Security Solution That Meets Your Needs

With this partnership, businesses who use this comprehensive platform can feel rest assured knowing their data is backed up and recoverable.  We understand the need for companies to have the proper network security in place to ensure their business operations are not crippled by downtime, which is why we believe that Datto is the best data protection platform to combine the strengths of our Total Data Protection Platform.

How will our Total Data Protection Platform benefit you? Here are the main strengths of our Total Data Protection platform that you will benefit from:

  • Instantly recover from a data disaster – Knowing that even in the event of a disaster, whether a server failure, flood, or even a hurricane, we got your covered, so you can focus on your business, not risks.
  • Double the protection – With the power of our Total Protection Plan and Datto you get daily onsite and offsite backups of your data and IT systems. This double backup means you get double the assurance that your data can be quickly and easily recovered anywhere needed in times of emergency.
  • Quick and convenient access – No matter what type of emergency strikes, all of your applications, files and systems are constantly protected and instantly retrievable. We take care of your complete set of backup needs.
  • Unlimited worry-free storage – Utilizing our partnership with Datto, means that there are no bandwidth requirements to worry about. You can feel at ease knowing that, regardless of the amount of valuable data you have to backup, there are no associated costs with how much you use.


Protecting Business Data No Matter Where It Lives

Owia Technology has funneled the best in security services to bundle our Sirus Flagship and Backupify branch services into our Total Data Protection Platform, which combined with the power of Datto ensures your company data is protected on all levels against various cyber threats, by:

  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance – By choosing to work with the right technology and service provider that ensures to keep you HIPAA compliant by placing a high value on protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and security of your clients’ health information.
  • Providing security across all hosted solutions – Whether your company uses Microsoft Office 365, or even looking for hosted services to give you the power of mobile freedom, our Total Protection plan covers all devices and systems you will use or want to use.
  • Guaranteed protection – That comes with knowing that we deliver a complete security solution that gives you the power of industry-leading security measures in combination with the top-rated services to provide you everything you need in one comprehensive platform.

Have you fallen victim to Cryptolocker?  Encryption keys are freely available by going to the following link to learn more, Need help or assistance, contact us now. We are more than willing to help ensure you do not become a victim.

Don’t compromise your livelihood just because your IT partner simply isn’t prepared. Get in touch with Owia Technology to discuss how our Total Data Protection Platform is the best protection for your business, at or (571) 499-4349.