Why Choose Owia Technology For Your Washington Computer Network Support?

When you’re having trouble finding a trusted IT company, consider Owia Technology. We’ll  provide the best possible IT services to your organization in Washington, DC. To learn more about how Owia Technology can help your group/business/association, call us at (571) 499-4349 or email us at info@owiatech.com.

Providing the Best IT Services For Organizations In Washington, DC

There’s an abundance of managed IT service companies throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC corridor. How do you know if your business has the right IT Company? Selecting an IT Company can be a very difficult decision. How do you know if your business is using the right one?

How do you know if the company you’ve interviewed or selected is right for your business?

There are many important factors to consider when selecting your outsourced IT Company, such as:

  • Testimonials – Does the IT company post current testimonials focused on their recent accomplishments or work with their clients? Make sure they’re using the company and contact’s full name and title. Be cautious of companies that don’t reveal their client’s name in testimonials. Do your homework, give these individuals a call and solicit their feedback.
  • Recent Case Studies – Case studies are just as powerful as testimonials. Look for current examples of their work, and find examples that resemble the challenges your company is having. Similar to with testimonials, call these organizations and ask questions.
  • Industry-Specific Expertise – Find out if the IT company is well known in your industry. Many IT service companies claim to be experts in dealing with your type of business, however, it’s important to make sure they are.
  • Partners – For many companies, becoming a partner of a major vendor is pretty straightforward. Fill out a form on a website and presto, you’re partners. Look for certifications and other types of endorsements from the software solutions  used in your industry, as well as those such as Microsoft. Don’t pay attention to logos, look for the details.
  • Interview – Interview our clients.  We have nothing to hide.  We welcome you to call our case study clients or any of our clients.  Learn how we take care of them and what you can expect when you work with us.

Owia Technology understands how frustrating and challenging finding an IT company can be for the average organization in Washington DC. We make it easy by outlining our testimonials and making sure they’re up to date. We showcase some of our most recent projects in our case study section, and we take pride in our industry relationships.