About Your Washington, DC IT Support Team: Owia Technology

Owia Technology provides comprehensive IT solutions and management services for small businesses and non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. Our innovative technology solutions, extensive risk management, and unsurpassed IT support enable you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce while minimizing technology hassles and costly downtime.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to provide hassle-free IT solutions to support the growth of your business. We ensure our solutions are cost-effective and simple to use. Our IT services are always tailored to meet your unique needs, in order to help you achieve business goals and stay within your budget.

Our History

Prior to Owia Technology, Darryl Anderson worked for a non-profit IT consulting firm with operations in multiple cities along the east coast with Darryl as Director of the DC office. Over the years, that firm had a change in focus, and ultimately, only the DC office remained active. He continued to manage operations and staff in DC, supporting the company’s thriving client base while actively generating new clients, ultimately purchasing the company establishing Owia Technology in 2010 to provide IT Services and Support for small businesses and non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C.

Origin of Our Name

When deciding on a company name, Darryl chose “Owia Technology” as an homage to his father and personal hero, Dr. Irwin Stanley Anderson, who was born and raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a small island nation in the Eastern Caribbean. Owia Bay is a salt pond near Dr. Anderson’s birthplace. Dr. Anderson came to the U.S. to get an education and started a family in Washington, D.C. The family home still displays a portrait of Owia Bay and one of the Grenadine islands.

The company branding and logo also reflect and honor Darryl’s father’s work ethic and heritage by representing elements of St. Vincent’s national flag. The diamonds in the logo are similar to those in the flag, which reflect St. Vincent as one of the “gems of the Antilles”. Additionally, the blue in the logo represents the tropical sky and crystal waters while green stands for the islands’ lush vegetation. The 5 diamonds not only spell out the ‘W’ in Owia but also signify an internationally recognized mark of business excellence in support and customer service.

Above all, we endeavor to deliver clients our 5-diamond service by offering an exemplary balance of affordability and quality - just a couple of the reasons our clients stick with us long term! Our superior approach reflects our commitment to help your organization grow; provide the support you need for optimal uptime and protect your valuable data.

Our Services

Our entire team understands that our clients have unique needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to improve your organizational effectiveness, generate more revenue, reduce costs or increase uptime, Owia Technology will be your trusted advisor. With Owia Technology, you can rest assured knowing we can help you.