Your business data is not invaluable only to you, but also to cybercriminals. This is because they can make a fortune by holding your information hostage or selling your digital credentials for malicious use. Countless companies that experienced a breach or a ransomware attack shut down for good, as they simply lost access to data or couldn’t afford expensive legal fines. To avoid these setbacks, you need a reliable, effective data backup and recovery plan, and that’s what Owia’s Data Backup and Recovery services are designed for.

Our skilled and experienced technicians will assess your risks and current backup performance, identify vulnerabilities, then implement automated data backups. We’ll also design a step-by-step recovery plan that tells each of your employees exactly what to do to resume optimal operations fast should a breach occur. With dependable backup solutions in place, you can work with confidence knowing your business will survive anything.

Our Data Backup and Recovery services include:

  • Automated backups of your data and system settings that help you get back to work in minutes, not hours
  • Secure, unlimited cloud storage that ensures your data is always protected and easily retrievable
  • A strategic, reliable recovery plan designed to address your specific risks and needs
  • Ongoing expert advice and support to keep your solutions up to date with new threats

With Owia’s reliable Data Backup and Recovery services and ongoing support, it’s easy to simply focus on growing your business.